Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi, befindet sich an der Tyrrhenischen Küste, im Zentrum von Versilia, ist einer der bekanntesten Ferienorte in der Toskana, in der Nähe zu den wichtigsten italienischen Städten der historischen, künstlerischen und kulturellen Interesse, wie Lucca, Pisa, Florenz und Siena.

Geschützt von den Apuanischen Alpen, das Klima ist mild, von einer sanften Meeresbrise im Sommer gestreichelt.


Forte dei Marmi is not only perfect for its beaches considered among the most beautiful in Italy, but also for cycling along its shaded paths in the pine woods of Versilia or the sunny ones at the waterfront.

Forte dei Marmi is fashion, with its elegant boutiques attracting the most demanding tourists, and with its famous market „Forte“ held every Wednesday morning, and during the summer also on Sunday, from 8.00 to 13.00 in Piazza Marconi, is a point of inevitable meeting.

Forte dei Marmi is culture:

  • his „Fortino“, Grand Ducal fortress built in the late eighteenth century, a symbol of the city, home to the Museum of Satire and Caricature, one of the most important of its kind in the world;640px-Forte_dei_Marmi_-_Fortino_(west_side)
  • Villa Bertelli, acquired by the City and renovated, has become a venue for exhibitions, shows and concerts;
  • the renowned Festival „La Versiliana“, promoted by the city of Pietrasanta, from July to late August featuring prose, dance, art and music events, attracts a growing number of visitors. Pietrasanta is a delightful cultural and artistic town just 4 km from Forte dei Marmi and is a reference point for art lovers.

In Forte it is impossible to get bored, those willing to relax on the beach, can visit the Cinque Terre in one day taking the local ferry directly to the dock, or choose a hike along the hills and mountains routes of the Apuan Alps.

CAPANNINA3And at night, after the ritual of the aperitif in the square and dinner at one of the many excellent restaurants, you can not miss the fun at the historic disco „La Capannina Franceschi“, who since 1929 is always an absolute must!